CRPU SpeedFancier Updates

Program Status: SpeedFancier Club Level – General Release
Next Planned Status: SpeedFancier Combine Level Beta – Controlled Release
Page last updated: July 12, 2021
General Status Overview:

SpeedFancier Club Level has launched in General Release. Any club who wishes to use SpeedFancier at Club Level is now welcome to self-register by clicking on the "Register an Account" link at the bottom of the CRPU SpeedFancier login page: CRPU Login Page.   If you run into any issues, click on the "Need Help?" link on the same login page to watch the video tutorial on setting up an account.

For the next release, SpeedFancier Combine Level Beta in a controlled release, we will be looking for Combine Race Secretaries soon. Any Combine Race Secretaries wanting more information can contact us directly.

If you want to know more about the planned timeline for functionality and releases, see "Timeline Goals for Additional Releases and Functionality" below.

Questions? Use our contact form to reach the developer directly.

Most Recent News:

July 12/21 – SpeedFancier Club Level changes to General Release. Although it was few days later than planned, it was worth the wait and we are incredibly proud of this milestone. We would like to acknowledge and thank Nick Oud, Joe Martire & Wes Karski, Dave Stead, and David Ottaway for their invaluable feedback getting Club Level functionality ready for General Release. We are excited to start working with some Combine Race Secretaries for the upcoming Combine Level functionality.

Jun 14/21 – Average Speed, Champion Bird, and Champion Loft Reports were successfully tested and published by Oshawa General RPC.   read more We worked hard on the layouts of the reports to make sure they were clean and easy to read. We think they look great. More reports will be added, but with the completion of these 3 essential reports, we are still on track for General Release of SpeedFancier Club Level for June 30, 2021. If you want to check out the reports, compare the June 6 Winspeed 1 reports to the June 12 SpeedFancier reports on Oshawa's race results page (Championship section) at this link.    show less

May 27/21 – We are excited to announce that both Oshawa General RPC and Hamilton RPC have successfully used compatible WinSpeed 1 merge files created by SpeedFancier to merge club data into a combine race in WinSpeed 1.    read more This is a huge milestone for SpeedFancier and it will give combine clubs who loose access to WinSpeed 1 a fully compatible alternative. With the current development (and soon to be released) Beta version of SpeedFancier Combine level, there will no longer be a need for merge files when all clubs use SpeedFancier. However right now, this is an important feature to have in place and was a priority for the CU.    show less

Timeline Goals for Additional Releases and Functionality:
Date Details
July 20/21 SpeedFancier, Combine Level Beta - Controlled Release
Aug 1/21 SpeedFancier Combine level – General Release

** Please note that above dates are target dates and are subject to change. Planned release candidates or functionality may be available before the dates above or may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances

Noteworthy Milestones:

1 The original WinSpeed© was a PC software program offered by the American Racing Pigeon Union, Inc.