IF SpeedFancier Updates

Program Status: SpeedFancier Club Level Beta - Controlled Release
Next Planned Status: SpeedFancier Club Level – General Release
Page last updated: July 17, 2021
General Status Overview:

SpeedFancier is now in Beta for Club level functionality, offered as a Controlled Release. A Controlled Release is where individuals (in this case Race Secretaries) are chosen to test software in real-world scenarios and it is the final step before the General Release. A General Release is where a program becomes generally available for anyone who wishes to use it.

If you want to know more about the planned timeline for functionality and releases, see "Timeline Goals for Additional Releases and Functionality" below.

Questions? Use our contact form to reach the developer directly.

Most Recent News:

July 17/21 – The Beta Environment for SpeedFancier - Club Level Beta, Controlled Release is now live. IF your club is interested in being a Beta Test Club, you can contact us directly by using our contact form.

July 8/21 – We are excited to have partnered with the IF to provide a modern race program. SpeedFancier is an easy to use, fully compatible WinSpeed 1 Replacement for active IF Clubs in good standing.

Timeline Goals for Additional Releases and Functionality:
Date Details
TBA SpeedFancier, Club Level - General Release
TBA SpeedFancier Combine Level Beta - Controlled Release

** Please note that above dates are target dates and are subject to change. Planned release candidates or functionality may be available before the dates above or may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances

Noteworthy Milestones:

1 The original WinSpeed© was a PC software program offered by the American Racing Pigeon Union, Inc.